Engineered Products and Solutions
Coverma is your key supplier for all the required materials for
Steel Continuous Casting moulds : KME

Coverma is working now more than 20 years with KME, the world leader producer of Continuous Casting Moulds for steel and non-ferrous Industry.

Unlike all other manufacturers, KME has all the key technologies for the design, engineering, production and service of high performance continuous casting moulds under one roof.

This unique combination of expertise and long-standing experience in the field makes us a highly qualified partner in all mould-related questions that arise.

Engineered – Spare parts Elements
  • BRAR our granted partner is a leader in the design and construction of water-cooled cables, power conducting arms, secondary systems, busbars, flexible copper connectors, forged copper plates, copper panels and reactors for Electric Arc Furnaces, Ladle Furnaces and Submerged Arc Furnaces for ferro-alloys both AC and DC. Our products are also used in high-capacity induction furnaces and Stirrer melting furnaces but also in ELECTROLYSIS-GALVANIC SYSTEMS for high current connections. The connections may be rigid or flexible, water or air-cooled, made of copper or aluminium. They are used in Smelters for producing aluminium, in Chlorine-soda production plants, copper electrowinning and in all other chemical industries where electrolytic processes are used.
  • Coverma also provides, based on the engineering partners companies’ platform, all-in-one solutions for metallurgical equipments, spareparts and industrial products involved in iron and Steel manufacturing form iron making to rolling and all steel further procedures like for instance: rolling Mills Rolls; Continuous casting Rollers, EAF Watercooled Elements, Head Lances and all type of Copper Spare parts.
Engineering - Spare parts - Consultancy

Coverma provides its customer :

  • Maintenance Service.
  • Evaluation for equipment in operation.
  • New design proposal.
  • Revamping proposal.
  • Supply of spare parts.
Furnaces Engineering

Together with our partners, we design and manufacture a wide range of furnaces for application for :

  • Forging
  • Heat Treatment
  • Aluminium Melting Furnaces.
  • Aluminium Heat Treatment Furnaces and many others,..

Our engineering team provide our customers with turn-key Installations.

Your problem is our daily job
Whatever quality you need, we have possibilities to supply you the right material.