High Temperature Materials
Coverma is your key supplier for all the required high temperature materials for your thermal processes
Refractory Bricks

Coverma is your supplier for all type of refractory bricks from standard alumina bricks up to high specialized type such as Alumina-Chromium/ Magnesia-chromium and Mag-Carbon bricks for all steel applications (EAF, Ladle, convertor, …).

High Temperature Insulation

Our aim is to propose you the wider range of insulating materials from 500° C up to 1850°C starting from High Temperature Wool (ceramic, bodysoluble, and polycrystalline wool) in all shapes like blankets, boards, modules to insulating firebricks (from low grade diatomite earth up to high purity qualities (ASTM 23 up to 34 grade).

Coverma is also the world agent of the Lubisol range of materials especially dedicated to the Crown Glass Melting furnaces insulation.

With our large possibilities of materials, Coverma will for sure be able to supply you the right material at the right price.

Refractory Monolithics

Coverma propose you a wide range of refractory castable such as : standard castable, gunning, self-flowing, Low cement, ultralow cement qualities but also insulating and semi-insulating castables and ramming mass for induction melting furnaces.


With our valuable partner from Czech Republic : Seeif Ceramic we develop and produce ceramic gating systems (ceramic hollowware) shapes with high resistance to penetration by molten metal for iron and steel foundries and for steel mills. We produce as well ceramic closing systems for foundry and steel ladles and many other refractory products for use in steel and iron foundries.

Customized solutions

Together with our partners, our goal is to present you a customized solutions based on your typical requests :

Vacuum formed insulation shapes, SiC refractory, castables prefab shapes, burner blocks,  high temperature fabrics engineered solutions, high temperature wool linings, and many other possibilities.

Research and Development

Coverma is also a provider of materials for special applications, together with our Research and Development partners all over the world, Coverma is able to solve many of specific problems you should have in your factory such as : overheating, joints between sections, special refractory coatings,…

Your problem is our daily job
Whatever quality you need, we have possibilities to supply you the right material.