Maintenance and Services
Coverma is, together with our valuable partners, supplying services for your Industrial requests
Electric Arc Furnace preventive Maintenance : TELEMASTER

The Telemaster is a new, innovative system for measuring water-cooled cable performances and predicting faults by

  • measuring the resistance of the cables
  • saving the values measured
  • prevent overloads on good cables

and all without having to disconnect the cables.

Our service: on site during a one day shut off of the melting casting process measurement.

Refractory Linings Consultancy and revamping

Customer-specific refractory solutions

As a specialist in refractory technology, Coverma offers a comprehensive product range of refractory materials for application temperatures up to 1800°C. We support customers with assistance, as well as with complete solutions to fulfill the customer’s requirements.

We stand by your side as a partner that guarantees the highest quality and durability of the furnace linings.

Our Workers are trained in all types of services and products, including dense bricks, refractory bricks, concretes, modules and insulation materials, we are there to help.

Perfect installation of your selected refractory products is essential for stable production processes and your productivity.

Qualified supervisor and installers with many years of experience implement our expertise directly on the construction site, starting with the consultation all the way to turnkey delivery, based entirely on your wishes.

Industrial Insulation

Industrial Insulation, both in heat or cold applications, plays an important role in energy efficiency and is thus cost-saving. It also reduces the CO2 emissions and therefore becomes a determining factor to tackle global warming and the protection of the environment

Together with our partners: Jemisol, TRBI and BRB-Services inside the Auxilium-Group concern, we are proud to present your our:  Industrial insulation group.

Together, we are one of the main players on the Belgian market for industrial insulation, with an extensive knowledge in the field of thermal, acoustic and fire insulation, tracing and asbestos removal.

We offer a wide range of innovative and high-quality solutions.

Safety is not only a word for us: with years of experience, professional follow-up of the projects, the ISO 9001 standard and the VCA-Petrochemical certificate of our partners give you the confidence of being for you a reliable partner.

Wear and corrosion resistant lining and solutions

Wear and corrosion are a very big issue in all industrial process, causing stop or reduction production.

Together with our partner: Th. Scholten GmbH & Co. KG, more than 60 years active in all corrosion and wear resistance protection system, our goal is to propose our customers tailormade solutions and installations for all industrial applications where wear and corrosion occur.

Your problem is our daily job
Whatever quality you need, we have possibilities to supply you the right material.